They are very thin porcelain leaves affixed to the front faces of the teeth. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Laminate veneers are aesthetic, protective and long lasting restorations that can be performed almost without any operation in the tooth tissue for this smile.

The protection of the treatment is due to the fact that the tissue removed from the tooth is little or no for the lamina to be made. They are also very aesthetically successful since they are very thin.

In Akdeniz İnci Dental Clinic, we use high quality porcelain material to provide you with strong, long-lasting Laminate Veneers that are resistant to cracks and breaks. We also use E-Max Laminate Veneers. E-Max is made from a single block of lithium ceramic: a top-grade material chosen for its strength and delicate appearance.This option requires minimal tooth preparation in comparison to the other types.

  • Doesn't require as much tooth reshaping
  • Long life - E-MAX Veneers are made from ulta-durable, pressed ceramic porcelain. They are more likely to outlast others on the market.
  • Stronger process for bonding the veneers to teeth.
  • Reduced treatment time - We are able to finishing all treatment in 6 days.

In the first session, the tooth surface will be prepared so that the porcelain laminates can be placed later. Approximately 0.3-1 millimeter thick enamel tissue will be removed from the front surface of the tooth and an impression will be taken. From this impression, laminate veneers will be made in the color and form suitable for the tooth, to complete the smile, almost in leaf thickness, and will be adhered to the tooth with special adhesives in the appropriate color.

  • Anterior teeth with coloration problems.
  • In crooked, irregular, inclined teeth with level problems.
  • Spaced teeth.
  • Large, old fillings with color problems.
  • Restoration of broken and worn teeth.
  • Coloration due to antibiotic and excessive fluoride use which cannot be treated with teeth whitening.
  • They can be applied when the patient is not cosmetically satisfied with the teeth.

E-Max Laminate Veneers application is a very delicate technique. Requires good clinical and laboratory work.
Dentists must have full technical knowledge and visual skills on this subject. If they are made with the right
technique and appropriate equipment they have a long life.
Their care is not very different from natural teeth. They can be used without any problems for 15-20 years with good oral care and proper use.