Smile Makeover is a term used in aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry aims to achieve a perfect and healthy smile. While preparing a new smile design, or smile makeover, for our international patients, we pecisely examine many important dental criteria.

According to research, usually the first place people look at when you meet is your smile. Nothing can express personality, energy and confidence as much as a healthy and radiant smile. Your smile is your self-confidence.

At Akdeniz İnci Dental Clinic, we fully understand the importance of a perfect smile and know that it can create a multitude of opportunities as well as opening many doors. If you are struggling to find a cosmetic dentist providing pain free ways to improve your smile, contact with our specialist dentist. When you contact us for Smile Makeover, our 2 specialist dentists will discuss your condition and what treatment you need. Images (photos and panoramic x-rays) will show our experienced dentists the treatment you need. The patient often needs more than one treatment, but unfortunately most dentists do not tell the whole treatment. For the first time, we are 100% transparent to our patients, whom we believe to be safe for a medical operation. Every step that needs to be taken will be explained to you before you arrive.

  • Would you like to have someone else’s smile?.
  • Do you avoid smiling when your photo is being taken?
  • Is there anything that bothers you in your smile?.
  • Do your gums appear too much to bother you when you smile?.
  • Do you think that the treatments (filling, vaneers, etc.) that have been applied to your teeth are not harmonious?.
  • Would you like your teeth to be whiter?
  • Do you have crowding and / or irregularities in your teeth?
  • Are there gaps between your teeth?
  • Do you have many fillings or fractures in your anterior teeth?
  • Dental Crowns.
  • Laminate Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Reshaping.
  • Dental Bridges to fill the gaps.
  • Gum Treatments.
  • Good first impressions.
  • Self-esteem boost.
  • Smiling boosts mental health.
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Increasing the retention of full dentures, especially in the lower jaw.
  • Better overall health.